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19 Useful Desk Accessories You Need From Amazon

Amazon Desk Accessories Cover

INSIDE: Useful Desk Accessories to make your work from home office efficient and trendy at the same time! Read on for the top 19 desk accessories finds!

Remember the adage that goes something like, "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have"? Well, I challenge you to elevate it a notch. I say, "Dress your desk for the empire you're building, not just for the work you're currently handling!" Because if your workstation isn't reflecting your dreams, are you dreaming big enough?

Now, the desk of a boss is an emblem of her determination, ambitions, and unstoppable drive. And since you are a BOSS, let's make sure your desk is decorated accordingly. Sound good?!

I'll be your desk accessory connoisseur, guiding you through a handpicked assortment of 19 Amazon desk accessories just a click away from revolutionizing your workstation.

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LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger

First up is an LED desk lamp! This isn't just a lamp; it's a super lamp! It lights up your workspace, charges your phone, AND has a display. Talk about multitasking! I do love a good multipurpose lamp to help save space. It isn't as slim as the compact one I'll discuss below, but how cool is it that it also charges your phone and shows the date, time, and temp!?

A Compact Lamp

Did you know working at an improperly lit workstation can lead to headaches and eye strain? We typically don't think about it, but lighting is key.

This LED lamp is my personal favorite. It's bright enough and so slim that you can fit it in your desk drawer with no problem. Don't mind my messy desk drawer, but here's proof that it fits lol!

Amazon Desk Accessories - compact lamp

Digital LED Desk Clock

Keeping track of time has never looked so good. I mean, seriously, how sleek and modern is this clock? With a digital LED desk clock, you'll have the time, date, and even temperature at a glance.


Grab yourself a humidifier and turn your desk into a mini spa. It'll transform your workspace into a little oasis of calm and relaxation while you hydrate your skin. There are so many cute humidifiers to choose from. I love this one too!

Desk Plants

Add a touch of life (literally!) to your workspace with these adorable desk planters. Choose from a selection of succulents or small air plants. Nothing says eco-friendly boss babe like a dose of greenery!

Mini Trash Can

Think of this mini trash can as the unsung hero of your workspace. It's a super convenient spot for all those small bits of waste accumulate

d throughout the day - used sticky notes, candy wrappers, broken pen caps. With one of these at your side, you can say goodbye to the scattered trash and hello to a clean, clutter-free desk.

Here is another cute option!

Mug Warmer

If you enjoy hot drinks and detest interruptions in your work, a mug warmer could be the perfect addition to your home office.

It's like a cozy blanket for your morning coffee. Keeping it toasty while you're knee-deep in work mode. There are a lot of cute colors to choose from, too!

Desk Fan

Crank up the cool factor in your home office with a Desk Fan! This little guy is small enough to sit on your desk but mighty enough to cool you off, even when the work heats up. I love this one, too!

Computer Monitor

I started using my laptop screen with an additional monitor 9 years ago. I don't know how I ever lived without it. It allows more monitor space and the option to have two monitors simultaneously. I recommend one with good resolution to help reduce eye strain. The ACER is a great one with raving reviews on Amazon.

Cord Clips

The neat freak in me loves a good cord clip. Honestly, in my opinion, they are the unsung hero of a neat desk. Cord clips keep your cords organized and easily accessible. Attach them to the edge of your desk or the wall; you'll never have to fish for a fallen cable again. Trust me, your future self will thank you. These cord clips are a small investment that will pay off every single day.

USB Charging Station: The Power Hub

Speaking of cords, please do yourself a favor and get yourself one of these USB charging stations! A USB charging station helps keep everything juiced up without turning your desk into a web of charging cables. Plus, having a dedicated spot to charge your devices makes it less likely to lose power during something important.

Rotating Pencil Holder

I present to you the ultimate in desk organization - the rotating pencil holder. It keeps all your pens, markers, and other writing tools in one place. It rotates so you can easily access whatever you need without shuffling things around. And let's be honest, there's just something satisfying about giving it a little spin. You can check out this lovely rotating pencil holder on Amazon.

Phone/Tablet Holder

This device holder is a total game-changer. It keeps your phone or tablet at the right angle for video calls, watching tutorials, or checking notifications. Plus, it frees up desk space and helps prevent those "oops" moments when you accidentally knock your phone off the desk. Check out this phone/tablet holder that is both sleek and sturdy, making multitasking a breeze.

The Happy Planner

Every solopreneur needs a cute planner, right? This planner is not just about appointments. It's a tool to track your performance, productivity, and positivity. You can customize the Happy Planner as you see fit, too!

Desk Organizer

A desk organizer is more than a tool; your personal assistant doesn't take coffee breaks. It keeps your desk neat, your mind clear, and your productivity levels high. This stylish organizer has compartments of different sizes to keep everything from sticky notes to staplers perfectly in place.

Desk Pad

A desk pad is like a protective layer for your desk, preventing scratches, stains, and other damage. But it's also a canvas that helps define your workspace. Choose a color that brightens your day or a design that inspires you. This beautiful desk pad is water-resistant, easy to clean, and adds color to your workspace.

40oz Water Bottle

Don't underestimate the power of staying hydrated, especially when you're in a brainstorming session or tackling a major project. This 40oz water bottle keeps you refreshed all day, and the bonus part is that it comes with three different tops plus an extra straw. And did I mention that it's a budget-friendly alternative to other brands like Stanley?

BONUS Desk Accessories

These aren't on Amazon, but they are ABSOLUTELY WORTH mentioning.

Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

This isn't necessarily a desk accessory, but something you should always wear at your desk! If you haven't yet jumped on the blue light-blocking glasses game, you must join us!

These specs are like wellness retreats for your eyes, tackling the pesky problems of our tech-saturated world, like sleep, headaches, and strained eyes.

I reached out to Blenders, my absolute FAVORITE brand for both BLB glasses and sunglasses, and they gave me a 10% promo for you to use!

Grab it below 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Amazon Desk Accessories - Blender Eyewear


Please don't sleep on this one, especially for my girlies with a hormone imbalance. These will help! Get yourself a WalkingPad for your walking desk!

Think treadmill, but slimmer, quieter, and designed to slide right under your standing desk. I fold mine up and store mine behind my couch! You can get $100 off, too ;)


And that's it! I hope these ideas help you build a desk setup that looks fantastic, boosts your productivity, and makes your workday a little bit brighter.

Remember, boss babes, your workspace reflects your ambition, creativity, and unique style. So go ahead and deck it out with these amazing finds!

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