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Blogging as a Hobby: Is It Worth It?

Do you feel like you missed the boat when it comes to blogging, but you still have the pull to, at the very least, do blogging as a hobby? What if I told you it's not too late. Let's go ahead and talk about something that many people ponder before hitting that "publish" button for the first time: Is blogging as a hobby worth it?

Why Even Consider Part Time Blogging?

First things first, why even consider blogging as a hobby? I mean, we all have busy lives, right? Well, it turns out that there's more to a hobby blog than just sharing your latest cookie recipe or chronicling your journey to master the art of knitting.

It's a space to express yourself, connect with like-minded individuals, and even develop new skills.

Unlike many hobbies, blogging offers a unique set of pros and cons that can either make it a rewarding experience or, for some, a challenging one. Let's go over them, okay?

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Blogging as a Hobby: Is It Worth It?

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Advantages of Being a Hobby Blogger

Creative Outlet

This is perhaps the biggest benefit. Your blog is your playground! Write, share photos, or even post videos. The sky's the limit! So, if you have a knack for words, it's the perfect creative outline for you.

Community Building

Whether you're into gardening, DIY crafts, or cooking, chances are there's a community out there eager to read about it. You can make friends, network, collaborate on projects, and share ideas.

Skill Development

SEO, writing, web design... you'll be amazed at the number of skills you can pick up along the way. Even amateur blogs will learn something along the way.

Income Potential

Yes, you read that right! While it might start as a hobby, if you play your cards right, your blog can even generate some income. You can do affiliate marketing, partnerships, and more to generate income from your blog. Though, let's not forget part time blogging is not an instant ticket to riches.

I'll get to that later, so hang tight! 🤑

Disadvantages: The Other Side of the Coin

Before you get into creating your own blog, consider the flip side.


Let's be honest; maintaining a blog takes time, especially if you're committed to posting regularly. I would look at your goals and how much time you have and try to find a realistic schedule that works for you and your goals.

Initial Costs

Domains, hosting, and possibly a WordPress theme (you can find free themes, though!). So, there are some costs involved, even if you're just doing part-time blogging.

Risk of Burnout

When a hobby turns into an obligation, it can lose its charm. Be cautious about taking on too much too soon. That's why I strongly suggest keeping a content calendar or some sort of schedule with realistic hours you can set aside for your hobby blog.

To Blog or Not to Blog: That Is the Question

Whether or not blogging as a hobby is worth it really comes down to what you hope to get out of it. If you're looking for a creative outlet, a chance to connect with a community, or an opportunity for skill development, then yes, it's worth a shot!

However, suppose the disadvantages like time commitment and initial costs are deal-breakers for you. In that case, it might be worth considering other hobbies.

Now, if you still feel like part time blogging is for you, read on to learn:

  • How to get started

  • How to set up your blog

  • Ways to make money

  • How much money you can potentially make

  • Is blogging still profitable with ChatGPT around

  • Is a hobby blog right for you

A Quick Guide for the Aspiring Hobby Blogger

So, how do you get started with blogging as a hobby without feeling overwhelmed?

Here are the steps to set up a blog:

  • Choose Your Niche: The very first thing you're going to want to do is pick a topic you're passionate about. If you're passionate about a topic, I bet you can talk about it all day long and still not be tired of it! That's key!

  • Select a Blogging Platform: WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace, or maybe Wix? Find what suits you best. I personally think Wix is the most user-friendly for beginners. If you're just doing it as a hobby, you don't want to spend too much time on the website design.

  • Content Planning: This is crucial. Make a list of topics, create a content calendar, and stick to it as much as possible.m Have it fit into your schedule.

  • Get Writing: You can use ChatGPT to help GUIDE you, but don't let it write your posts for you. You want it to still be uniquely yours and be your thoughts on your expertise! Also, tools like Grammarly are a huge time save for proofreading. It corrects mistakes and improves your writing style. There is a free version of this that will work just fine for hobby blogging.

  • Engage with Your Audience: Respond to comments, reach out to other bloggers, join relevant Facebook Groups, and be active on your social media platforms of choice.

How Can Blogging as a Hobby Become a Side Income in 2023?

You've taken the plunge and set up your own little corner on the internet. Your hobby blog is live, your passion is ablaze, and you've even gotten a few "likes" and comments.

So, what's next? How can you go from blogging as a hobby to part time blogging for some extra dough?

Here are some monetization strategies perfect for 2023:

Affiliate Marketing

One of the most common ways hobby bloggers make money is through affiliate marketing. You write about a product relevant to your niche and use a special link to direct your readers to it.

When they make a purchase, you get a small commission. Let's say you're a beauty blogger; you could write a post about your favorite skincare products and include affiliate links for readers to buy them.

Sponsored Posts

As you grow your readership, brands might start noticing you.

Sites like the ones below can connect bloggers with potential sponsors:

They could offer to pay you for writing a post about their products or services. Make sure to choose sponsorships that align with your brand and audience.

And remember to always be transparent about these sponsored posts with your audience—it builds trust!

Selling Products or Services

Have you written an eBook, developed a course, or created a unique product that would benefit your audience?

Your blog is the perfect platform to promote it! You already have a community that trusts you, which makes selling a whole lot easier. Plus, if you want, you can sell it directly on your website!

Digital products are HOT right now, so now is the time to get creating and share your expertise digitally!

If you need ideas, check out the Most Popular and Profitable Digital Product Ideas of 2023 below!

Run Ads On Your Blog

Displaying ads on your blog via platforms like Google AdSense can also generate some income. You get paid for impressions or clicks depending on the ad type.

Google AdSense works best when you have a substantial amount of traffic. So, first, build up your traffic a bit and then incorporate AdSense.

To track your traffic, I suggest getting Google Analytics. It's free and will give you SO MUCH good information about your website. From what posts are doing the best to how many people are visiting your site. It's a blogging must.

Freelance Writing or consulting

Given that you're spending a lot of time writing for your blog, you're naturally improving your writing skills. Many hobby bloggers leverage this to offer freelance writing services.

Additionally, if you're an expert in a particular field, you could offer consulting services through your blog.

Websites like these are all reputable for finding freelance writing jobs!

How Much Money Can You Make as a Hobby Blogger?

Now that we've covered various ways to monetize your blog, let's get into the million-dollar question: How much can you actually make blogging? The income of a hobby blogger can be as varied as blog niches themselves, how much time is spent working on your blog, and SEO, but let's break it down a bit.

Starting Small

In the beginning, expect to make a minimal amount. This is the phase where you're investing more time and perhaps even money into your blog without seeing an immediate return. Don't be disheartened; even the most successful bloggers started here.

Unless you are getting good traffic to your blog right away, I would say it will take at least 6 months to start seeing changes.

Moderate Earnings

As you consistently produce quality content and grow your audience, you may start seeing moderate earnings—think a few hundred bucks a month.

This could come from a mix of affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and maybe even product sales if you've ventured that way.

I always recommend affiliate marketing and sponsored posts, especially in the beginning, in order to see income quickly.

Sky's the Limit

Once you've built a substantial audience and have multiple income streams, such as ads, courses, and freelance gigs, you can make a comfortable income. We're talking about thousands of dollars a month, but remember, this usually comes after years of consistent effort and smart strategy.

This is not a "get rich quick" scheme. Otherwise, everyone would do it! It takes consistency, time, and a passionate niche, but once you get there, you're golden!

To maximize your earnings, consider reinvesting. Use your initial earnings to pay for a better hosting service, quality blog design, or advanced SEO tools. The aim is to grow organically and sustainably.

Remember, blogging as a hobby can offer more than just personal satisfaction; it can become a lucrative endeavor if approached with dedication and strategy. Whether you're looking at part-time blogging for some extra pocket money or contemplating taking it to a professional level, the possibilities are endless.

Is Blogging Still Profitable in 2023 With ChatGPT Around?

You might be wondering: With ChatGPT and all these AI tools on the rise, is blogging as a hobby still a moneymaker in 2023?

Short answer: Absolutely, and here's why.

Authenticity Still Wins

ChatGPT is cool, but it doesn't bring that human touch. People still crave genuine, relatable content. Your unique voice as a hobby blogger is your superpower! People want YOUR experience, YOUR examples, YOUR stories.

Niche Knowledge is Gold

Specialized knowledge in a particular area? You've got something AI can't offer. This makes your blog invaluable and opens doors for monetization.

Community Matters

Blogs let you connect and create communities. This interaction keeps readers coming back and provides opportunities for making some cash through things like sponsored posts and affiliate marketing.

SEO and Monetization

Good old SEO still matters in 2023. High Google rankings mean more traffic, which in turn offers more opportunities to turn that hobby blog into a side income.

And hey, you can even use ChatGPT to help you with your blog. Want to learn how?

In a nutshell, is part-time blogging still a viable way to earn some extra bucks in 2023? You bet it is! With your unique voice, niche expertise, and solid community, your blog can still shine bright in this AI-filled world.

Is blogging as a hobby worth your time and effort?

In wrapping up, we've explored the multifaceted world of blogging as a hobby, digging deep into both its advantages and disadvantages. From offering a creative outlet to the possibility of generating a side income, hobby blogging has a lot to offer.

However, it's crucial to remember that, like any endeavor, blogging comes with its own set of challenges, such as time commitment and initial costs.

So it a hobby blog worth it for you? That's a question only you can answer. Still, if you're someone who loves the idea of building a community, honing various skills, and perhaps even dipping your toes into part time blogging for some extra cash, then yes, it's absolutely worth it!

If you do decide to embark on this journey, remember that even amateur blogs can evolve into something significant.

The internet is full of success stories of hobby bloggers who turned their passion projects into a lucrative passive income stream.

Could you be the next one? There's only one way to find out!

Until next time, future hobby blogger, may your creativity be endless and your challenges be surmountable. 🌟

Did you find this post useful? I would love to hear your takeaways below!

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