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A Step-By-Step Guide To Create A Course in Teachable

Create a Course in Teachable Cover

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Create a Course in Teachable with these 7 Simple Steps!

Do you have a bucket full of bright ideas itching to share with the world but unsure how to sprinkle that knowledge magic into a captivating online course? You have to jump on this NOW because course creation is a great way to share your knowledge and passion while making passive income.

Let's waste no time and get you started with Teachable! 🦄


Teachable is an all-in-one platform allowing users to create, host, and sell online courses under their brand. Teachable has a super intuitive interface, making it so easy to build and customize your courses, set your pricing model, and market your courses to the right audience.

Teachable is seriously so easy to use! It's like that best friend who holds your hand guides you through the maze of online course creation, and ensures you don't trip over any technical tangles on the way.

For students, teachable provides an engaging, intuitive learning experience. Students get lifetime access to courses they enroll in, can learn at their own pace, and engage with instructors and fellow students through course comments.

Analytics is another strength of Teachable. The platform offers in-depth insights into student signups, course completion rates, revenue, and more. These analytics can guide you in improving and growing your online school.

Ready to dive in? Let's break down how to start with Teachable so you can create your course!

Easy Steps To Create An Online Course

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Step 1: Sign Up, Suit Up!

Head over to, hit the 'Get Started' button, and enter the realm of Teachable. You can sign up with your email or social media account - your call!

Create a Course in Teachable - 1

On the next screen, you'll be asked to fill out basic information like name, email address, and password.

Create a Course in Teachable - 2

Once that information is submitted, there will be a few more questions to help match your Teachable needs, like information about your goals, business, the name of your school, colors, font selection, etc.

Create a Course in Teachable - 3


Step 2: School Creation – Your Knowledge Kingdom

You've signed up. Congratulations! But wait, your journey has just begun. Now, it's time to create your 'school.' Think Hogwarts but for your subject. What's cool is Teachable gives you a 14-day free Pro version trial, no credit card required! They'll bump you to the free version if you don't want to continue with Pro.

So now, this is where you will host all your amazing courses. Click 'Start Building' under 'Create a Course' and let your creativity spill out. Name it, describe it, and make it your own!

Create a Course in Teachable - 4

Step 3: The Grand Course Conjuring

Alright, now, onto the fun part! Title your course, give it a category, and don't forget the all-important course subtitle. Then, click on 'Create Course,' and bam, the skeleton of your course is ready!

After you name your course, here is what the next page will look like. You can build your own outline, OR Teachable can help generate one for you! How cool is that!?

Create a Course in Teachable - 5

Step 4: Manifesting Your Magical Modules

The course is set, but what's a course without content? Your next step is to create sections and lectures.

Picture this: your course is a magical book, your sections are the 'chapters,' and your lectures are the 'lessons' within each chapter.

Click on the 'Curriculum' tab in your course dashboard. The '+ New Section' button at the bottom is here to create your course's chapters. Give your section a title that describes what it covers, like "The Basics of Potion Mixing" or "Advanced Charms: Levitation Techniques."

Create a Course in Teachable - 6

This would be a good time to apologize for all of the Harry Potter...I just got done with a Harry Potter marathon, lol! Anyways, I digress....back to Teachable.

You'll create your lectures within each section using the '+ New Lesson' button. Give each lecture a clear, concise title telling students what to expect. Remember, clarity is the key to holding your student's attention. Add as many lectures as you need to cover all the material in each section. Voila, your course structure is built!

Create a Course in Teachable - 7

Step 5: Sprinkle on the Content Stardust

Now for the content stardust! Click on a lecture title to add your content. Think of your lecture as a cauldron and your content as the magic ingredients you're throwing in. You can add text, create quizzes, upload images, and even embed videos.

For text, just start typing! Teachable's built-in text editor lets you format your text, add links, and insert images like any word processor.

  • Quizzes are a fun way to test your students' knowledge. Click 'Add Quiz' to create a quiz with multiple-choice questions.

  • Adding videos is also a breeze with Teachable. Just click 'Add Files' and select your video. Keep your videos engaging and to the point to ensure your students stay hooked!

  • And let's not forget about downloadable resources - these are like secret treasure chests for your students. You can add PDFs, audio files, cheat sheets, templates, and more. Click 'Add Downloadable Files' and upload away.

Step 6: Pricing the Potion

Once your course is dressed to impress, you need to decide how much you'll charge for this knowledge potion. Just as a potion maker would price their concoctions, you, too, need to value your creation.

Click on the 'Pricing' tab and behold the many options. You can set a one-time fee, which could be anything from $10 to $10,000, depending on your content's worth and target audience.

Create a Course in Teachable - 8

Alternatively, you might fancy a subscription model. This lets your students access your course for a monthly or annual fee. You can even create a payment plan, splitting the course cost over several months.

Not sure if you want to charge at all? You have the option to offer your course for free. This could be a great strategy to attract initial students and get positive reviews!

Remember, you can always come back and edit to switch things up!

Step 7: The Grand Reveal

Before you open the doors to your virtual classroom, you want to ensure it looks its best. Creating a compelling landing page is like rolling out the red carpet for your students.

Start by clicking on the 'Sales Page' tab. This is where you'll hook your potential students with all the tantalizing details about your course.

Create a Course in Teachable - 9

Your course subtitle and description should reveal the benefits students will get from your course. What skills will they acquire? What problems will your course solve for them? Make it irresistible!

Next, it's time to add some social proof. If you have testimonials from past students, here's where they shine. Nothing reassures potential students like praise from satisfied learners!

PRO TIP: If you are just starting out, you can offer the course for free to a small group of friends in exchange for a testimonial.

Finally, let's add some visual appeal. Choose a course image that is attractive, relevant, and communicates the theme of your course. An eye-catching image can make your course stand out in the crowd.

Now that your landing page looks stellar, the final moment has arrived. Hit that 'Publish' button! Your course is now live and ready to illuminate minds.

Enjoy the sweet thrill of seeing your course online, ready to change lives. 🎉

With all these features and ease of use, it's clear why Teachable has become a go-to platform for online course creators. Whether you're a professional educator, an industry expert, or a passionate hobbyist, Teachable offers the tools to transform your knowledge into a meaningful, lucrative learning experience!

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