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Profitable Etsy Digital Product Ideas in 2024

Etsy Digital Product Ideas - Featured Photo

Inside: Discover these 15 insanely profitable Etsy Digital Product Ideas for 2024. Learn below what niches best fit your interests, and find digital products that will make you the most money this year! So, if you are looking to get into the digital product business this year, you'll want to keep reading!

Profitable Etsy Digital Product Ideas in 2024

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In 2024, there are so many ways to channel your creativity into something that brings joy to others, and that is fulfilling. 

Now, if you are already an Etsy seller, then you know that little thrill of when our phone pings with a sale, right? Imagine that, but with your very own digital creations - I'm here to tell you, it's 100% doable. 

And get this: there is no need for you to be an expert! You don't have to be the next da Vinci to make bank. If you've dabbled in Canva, you're already on your way to making some sweet passive income. 

Reasons To Sell Digital Products

So, you're probably wondering why you should even think about jumping into the digital product game, right? Well, this isn't just about making a few extra bucks — it's about getting to be creative and make a profit off doing it. Let's go into more specifics, however.

Here's the lowdown on why you should start selling digital products:

  • There is zero inventory! Imagine never having to trip over a box of unsold inventory again. That's the digital product lifestyle – all the perks, none of the clutter. 

  • With digital products, you're not just selling; you're solving problems. Those printable to-do lists? Life-changers for someone out there

  • The passive income potential: What is the best part about setting digital products up on Etsy? You can make extra money in your sleep. Once your creations are up and running, they're like your very own digital vending machines, working for you 24/7. Just hit publish, and you're done!

  • Digital files are in high demand! You just need to find a niche and 

  • You have the opportunity for global reach. Your digital items can travel faster than a jet plane. From the comfort of your couch, reach customers worldwide.

  • Selling digital products is a great way to save time once you have your products published. No need to fulfill every order! Once your social media templates or planner templates are up, they're good to go. Forever. So, spend more time doing what you love. 

  • Creative Freedom: This is your canvas, and you're the artist. Digital designs, website templates, printable wall art — it's all you. Do what fills your cup!

  • Instant Delivery: No more "lost in the mail". Your customers click "buy," and boom, they've got their digital papers or SVG files instantly.

  • Eco-Friendly: Selling digital means you're also doing Mother Earth a solid. No inventory, no physical waste, just great digital content.

Okay, so now that we know all of the amazing reasons to get started, let's go over the list of the best digital products to start selling immediately!

15 Insanely Profitable Etsy Digital Product Ideas

​Below, we'll cover the most profitable digital products and how you can get started.

UGC Portfolio Templates

UGC, or User-Generated Content, is having its moment right now. With its rising popularity, NOW is the time to take advantage of UGC content. 

If you aren't familiar, UGC refers to any form of content—text, videos, images, reviews, etc.—posted by users on online platforms such as social media and forums. This content is typically created and published by individuals not professionally affiliated with the platforms they post on.

For example, businesses may encourage customers to post pictures or reviews of their products on social media platforms as a form of UGC. This strategy helps businesses gain social proof, improves their reputation, and may enhance consumer trust and engagement. It also provides a wealth of organic content that can be shared or repurposed.

You can start by researching the types of UGC content popular within your target market. Design your Canva templates to accommodate various content types, like testimonials, before-after pictures, reviews, etc. 

Other UGC digital ideas include:

  • Portfolio Template

  • Contract Template

  • Website template

  • Media kit

  • Invoice Template

  • Email Pitches & Follow-up Email templates

  • Video Prompts & Hooks

  • Instagram Posts

YouTube Templates

YouTube's popularity is skyrocketing again, making it an ideal platform to focus on. It's also a consistent and reliable platform. It's been around for so long that you know it's not going anywhere. 

Start by exploring successful YouTube channels for branding inspiration. Note elements like the thumbnail style, channel art, end screens, and more.

Create a cohesive template package in Canva that would attract YouTubers looking to brand or rebrand their channels. Platforms like Fiverr or even direct outreach to YouTubers can be a good starting point to sell these.

Here are some YouTube digital ideas:

  • Channel banner templates

  • Animated intro clips

  • Animated outro clips

  • Branding kit templates

  • Thumbnail templates

reMarkable Planners

A tremendous opportunity exists to carve a unique niche in the market by creating remarkable digital planners for tech-savvy enthusiasts. Many individuals nowadays value organization and planning, and this necessity has transitioned into the digital world. reMarkable is an e-ink tablet that feels much like writing on paper, favored by many digital note-takers and planner enthusiasts.

You will need to research and identify the type of planners most in demand, but I'll share some ideas below.

Here are some reMarkable Planners ideas:

  • Academic planners can help students keep track of their schoolwork and assignments to daily planners that individuals can use to manage their everyday tasks.

  • Wellness planners. For example, you could create a wellness planner with a unique, stylish design incorporating features such as meal trackers, water intake records, exercise logs, and space for reflections or daily affirmations. 

  • Project planner

  • Meeting Minutes Book

  • Monthly Overviews planner

Always double-check that the planners are created in a format compatible with reMarkable tablets while designing. 

Airbnb Welcome Book Templates

Airbnb hosts want the best experience for their guests; a well-crafted welcome book can do wonders. Start by considering what information guests need: house rules, local attractions, emergency contacts, etc. 

Design a customizable template that hosts can fill with information specific to their property. You can sell these templates directly on Airbnb community forums or social media groups.

Here are some Airbnb digital product ideas:

  • Welcome sign template

  • Welcome book template

  • Inventory checklist

  • Cleaning checklist

  • Instagram templates

Digital Manifestation Journals

Manifestation journals have become quite popular with the rise in interest in spiritual practices. Start by understanding the elements of a manifestation journal (affirmations, gratitude prompts, visualization exercises) and then design a template in Canva that includes these elements beautifully and intuitively. 

You can also add card decks and planners to go along with the journal!

Resume Templates 

Resume templates are perpetually in demand, serving as indispensable tools for job seekers who wish to present their skills and experiences effectively. 

Currently, there's a heightened demand for teacher-specific resume templates. With the education sector evolving rapidly, teachers are constantly looking for ways to distinguish themselves in the job market, and a well-crafted resume is a critical component of that effort.

The first step in creating these templates involves researching the most successful teacher resumes. This research will allow you to identify common elements in such resumes, such as educational background, teaching certifications, classroom experience, specialized skills (like proficiency in special education or ESL teaching), and key accomplishments.

Utilizing Canva, you can design stylish and professional templates incorporating these identified elements. The designs should not only be visually appealing but also be organized in a way that information can be easily read and understood by potential employers.

Notion Planners

The productivity application Notion has become a global sensation, with its flexible and customizable approach to organizing work and personal life. By tapping into this rising trend, you can seize the opportunity to create and sell beautiful and functional Notion planner templates.

Before starting, familiarize yourself thoroughly with Notion. This application differs from other productivity tools due to its unique block and page system, which allows users to construct their organizational systems modularly. So, you will need to understand how these blocks—such as text, to-do lists, databases, images, and more—can be combined and nested within pages, which is vital to creating effective planner templates.

Once you've gained a solid understanding of Notion's capabilities, you can then begin designing diverse planner templates. 

Notion Planner ideas include:

Weekly and monthly planners

Project-based planners

Here is an example of what your planner template might look like: it could include a project timeline, a task tracker with a database of to-dos, a space for meeting notes, and a dedicated section for brainstorming and ideation. The planner would be fully customizable, allowing users to adapt it to their unique project needs. 

Craft Show Templates 

Craft fairs are a summer staple, and handmade business owners can really benefit from marketing templates. 

Some craft show template ideas include:

  • Banners

  • Price tags

  • Social media announcements

  • Email newsletter templates 

Ensure your templates capture the crafty, creative vibe that attracts customers to these shows. Etsy, being a platform for crafters, is an excellent place to sell these templates.

Mobile Travel Planners 

Peak travel season presents a wonderful opportunity to design and launch mobile travel planners. These digital tools can assist tourists and adventurers in organizing their trips efficiently, creating a smoother and more enjoyable travel experience.

Consider incorporating essential features that travelers typically require. 

Daily itineraries could offer a day-by-day breakdown of activities, while packing lists ensure nothing important is forgotten. Include a section for local attractions, complete with details on operating hours, ticket prices, and brief descriptions. Don't forget to consider language phrases, especially for those traveling to foreign countries; this could be a quick guide to basic phrases in the local language.

Here is an example: let's say you've created a mobile travel planner specifically designed for a city like Paris. The planner could include:

  • Daily itineraries covering different districts.

  • A packing list customized for the Parisian weather.

  • A list of must-visit attractions like the Louvre and Eiffel Tower.

  • A mini French phrasebook for essential interactions.

The design could be clean and elegant, ensuring it is easy to use on mobile devices. Once ready, you could list this Paris Mobile Travel Planner on your travel-focused website, offering a valuable tool for those planning their dream vacation to the City of Light.

It's crucial to remember that these planners will primarily be accessed on mobile devices, as travelers will be using them while on the go. Hence, your design should prioritize mobile-friendliness. 


For coaches, content creators, or really any professional with specialized knowledge, creating an ebook offers an excellent avenue to share their expertise, reach a wider audience, and generate income. Ebooks can provide in-depth insight into a topic, offer step-by-step guides, or serve as comprehensive resources, among other possibilities.

Start by choosing a subject you are particularly knowledgeable and passionate about. This could be anything from a specific aspect of your coaching domain to a broader topic related to your industry. It's important to choose a topic that not only interests you but also resonates with your target audience.

For example, suppose you're a business coach specializing in startup strategy. You could write an ebook titled "A Guide to Launching Your First Startup," providing insights on market research, business planning, fundraising, and scaling strategies. 

Next, draft a detailed outline for your ebook. This is a great time to utilize ChatGPT to help you create an outline. This outline will serve as a roadmap for your content, helping you to organize your thoughts and ideas and ensure a logical flow of information. Each section or chapter should provide valuable information that progressively builds on the previous one, guiding your reader through the material in a structured and digestible way.

Once your outline is ready, you can dive into the writing process. This will require time, patience, and possibly several drafts to ensure your content is thorough, engaging, and accessible to your intended audience. Remember to incorporate your unique voice and perspective, as this can help to distinguish your ebook in the marketplace.

Alongside writing, consider how you can visually enhance your ebook. Using design tools like Canva, you can create a catchy cover that piques your interest and reflects the content of your ebook. In addition, you can design interesting layouts for your content, making it visually appealing and easy to read.

Social Media Kits

Social media kits are a must for any brand looking to maintain a consistent and professional online presence. These kits usually contain pre-designed templates that can be used across different social media platforms, ensuring that a brand's aesthetic and messaging remain cohesive and impactful.

Start by identifying the most popular social media platforms among your target audience. Understanding where your audience is most active will guide you in creating the most relevant and useful kit. This could be platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Lemon8, Pinterest, etc.

For instance, imagine you've designed a social media kit for wellness and fitness influencers. This kit could include Instagram story templates for workout routines healthy recipes, and Facebook post templates for motivational quotes and progress updates. All these templates would share a consistent design style, perhaps featuring vibrant colors, bold typography, and clean lines. 

Next, develop a range of templates tailored to each platform's needs. This could include templates for regular posts, stories (for platforms that support this feature), highlight cover images for Instagram, banners for platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, and more. All these templates should carry a consistent style, reflecting the brand's colors, typography, and overall aesthetic.

Workout Planners

Fitness enthusiasts are always on the hunt for an organized way to track their progress. Consider what a workout planner might need: sections for different types of exercises, progress trackers, meal planners, and motivational quotes. Once you have your layout, use Canva to design a planner that's as visually motivating as it is useful. Another idea would be to look outside Canva and do a Google Sheet or Excel file instead. 

Some work planner ideas include:

  • Health trackers

  • ​Habit trackers

  • Goals planner and tracker

Infographic Templates

Information is easier to digest in an infographic. Begin by looking at popular infographic designs for inspiration. Create customizable templates for different industries or purposes (academic, business, social media) in Canva. 

Digital Stickers for Planners

Digital stickers add fun and personality to digital planners. Start by brainstorming themes for your stickers: productivity, wellness, holidays, etc. 

Use Canva to design your stickers and save them in a format that's easy for customers to use, like PNG. 

These stickers can be sold individually or in bundles on platforms like Etsy.

eBook Covers and Pages

I know we talked about creating eBooks, but if you don't want to dive into creating an entire eBook, creating templates like covers or pages like Table of Contents and other page layouts is also a great route. 

A beautiful eBook template can make a world of difference. Research popular eBooks in your target genre to understand their cover design. Create various customizable eBook cover templates in Canva that cater to different genres. You can offer these on platforms like Fiverr, where many authors go in search of cover designs.

Final Thoughts: Profitable Etsy Digital Product Ideas in 2024

So, there you have it! Moneymaking Etsy digital product ideas that are selling like crazy in 2024! Don't forget starting any new venture requires a bit of patience and a whole lot of passion. I mean there is literally something there for everyone, so I hope you found a digital product that resonated with you! Once you do, makes sure to do your research, understand your audience, and create something you're truly proud of. The whole point is to have joy in the creating process and provide value to your customers.

The digital world of 2023 is like a treasure chest overflowing with glittering opportunities. Seriously... SO MUCH OPPORTUNITY! eBooks, online courses, stock photos, software tools - the list goes on! Don't pigeonhole yourself into just one idea and hope for the best! It's all about knowing your audience and giving them high-quality goodies they can't resist. 

Remember, the key to creating successful resume templates is to make them easily customizable. Users should be able to effortlessly add their personal information, experiences, and skills. 

So, take your pick from this buffet of incredible Etsy digital product ideas from areas that are not saturated, mix in your unique flavor and creativity, and get your amazing products out there for others to enjoy! 

Oh, and if you decide to go with anything from this list, let me know in the comments. Or maybe you go with another idea entirely. I would love to hear from you and celebrate with you! 

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