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Etsy SEO with EverBee

Etsy SEO with EverBee - Cover

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Hello there, Etsy Enthusiast! 👋

Today, we're going headfirst into a beehive of information (don't worry, no actual bees involved, I promise) to discuss the Best Etsy SEO Tool causing quite a buzz in the Etsy community - EverBee. Yes, this sweet nectar of a tool is just what you need to take your Etsy shop from a small buzz to a full-blown, Queen-Bee-worthy hive of activity!

If you aren't familiar with EverBee, it is an SEO tool for Etsy users. Their algorithm looks at best-selling listings, titles, and descriptions to determine which specific keywords are popular. For example, EverBee can help Etsy sellers find successful products to sell, understand what buyers are searching for, and research what's working for best-selling items.

Here are some things to do with the app.

  • Find top-selling products

  • Estimate product demand

  • Analyze competition

  • Find high-performing related keywords

  • Analyze keyword performance

Etsy SEO with Etsy SEO with EverBee: How To Get Started

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Etsy SEO with Etsy SEO with EverBee - Pin

Step 1: Sign Up for EverBee 🐝

The first step is easy peasy, honey-squeezy.

Etsy SEO with EverBee - 1

  • Provide your details and follow the instructions to register.

Remember, you need to input your Etsy shop URL correctly. After all, you can't create honey without the right flowers!

Etsy SEO with EverBee - Dashboard

Step 2: Sync Your Etsy Shop

After signing up, it's time to connect your Etsy shop to EverBee. This process is as smooth as honey! Find the 'Connect Shop' option in your Dashboard and follow the prompts. Voila, your Etsy shop is now synced with EverBee.

Etsy SEO with EverBee - 2

Step 3: Understanding EverBee's Dashboard 📊

EverBee's Dashboard is the command center of your Etsy shop's growth strategy. You can see your shop performance with stats like gross revenue, total orders, average order value, etc. Along with shop stats, you can also see your products stats and customer reviews.

Let's take a closer look at. You'll get the following information about your Etsy store.

  • Gross revenue

  • Average order value

  • Total orders

  • Lifetime value

  • Repeat rate

Etsy SEO with EverBee - 3

More cool features in the sidebar include an Sales Channel, Research Analyzer, Etsy calculator.

The Research Tools section is where the real magic happens. You'll be able to analyze others products and shops, do keyword research, do a deep dive analyzer, and more.

Etsy SEO with EverBee - 4

Etsy Calculator: The Etsy calculator is great, too, because you'll be able to properly price your items. To use an Etsy calculator, you would enter your pricing and cost information, and the calculator should provide you with an estimate of your potential profit for an item after all the fees and costs.

Etsy SEO with EverBee - 5

Step 5: Analyze and Improve! 📈

Now that you are more familiar with the Dashboard, EverBee can help you optimize your Etsy shop. Let's focus on some specific ways you can use the data provided:

  1. Shop Performance: If your sales have steadily dropped over the past few weeks, you might want to consider your pricing strategy. Are you priced too high compared to competitors? Alternatively, consider bundling products together or offering upsells if your average order value is lower than you'd like.

  2. Product Insights: Are some products consistently outperforming others? Consider promoting these star performers on your shop homepage. Alternatively, for products that aren't doing well, it might be time to either revamp their listings with better descriptions and photos or discontinue them altogether.

  3. Keyword Research: Do you have the right keywords? What keywords are ranking high for your product? Do you have them a part of the title or tagged?

Okay, now that you have a general overview of how to work EverBee, let's talk about how much the payment plans are.


  • Hobby Plan (Free): Ideal for beginners, this plan gives you access to key features such as revenue and tag analytics and ten analytics searches monthly. No need to whip out your credit card for this one!

  • Pro Plan ($7.99/month): When ready to take your Etsy shop to the next level, consider upgrading to EverBee Pro. It unlocks even more features and data insights, helping you attract more customers than a field of sunflowers attracts bees! A step up, the Pro Plan grants you 30 analytics searches per month, unlimited uses of favorites folders, plus the revenue and tag analytics. Quite a steal for the price, don't you think?

  • Growth Plan ($29.99/month): This is my top pick for seasoned sellers. It's all-you-can-eat with unlimited analytics searches, revenue estimates, and favorite folder uses. Plus, you get an extra listing and shop data. Talk about value!

Etsy SEO with EverBee - 6


With the amount of time it has saved me, absolutely yes. EverBee takes out the hassle of researching keyword ideas for Etsy listings to easily find relevant and high-traffic keywords.

From signing up to utilizing its resources, that's your step-by-step guide to using EverBee. With this tool, your Etsy shop will be the talk of the hive before you know it.

Until next time, stay buzzing, Etsy folks!

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