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Gift Ideas for Working Moms: $50 and under

Whether you're shopping for the holidays, birthdays, or just because, finding perfect gift ideas for working moms can be a challenging task. Especially when you're on a budget.

As a working mom or a female entrepreneur, a thoughtful gift that makes daily tasks easier or provides a bit of luxury can be just the thing to brighten her day.

Why Are Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs So Special?

The uniqueness of entrepreneur gift ideas lies in their ability to serve dual purposes. They should not only be functional but also serve as a token of recognition for the relentless drive and passion that these businesswomen display daily.

So whether you're on the hunt for a gift for a female business owner, exploring gifts for Female Entrepreneurs, or merely looking to treat a hard-working mom, here are some fabulous selections under $50

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Gift Ideas for Working Moms: $50 and under

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You'll be sure to find something from this curated list of the top ideas for working moms and female entrepreneurs! Below, find the top 15 best female entrepreneur gifts!

Gifts for Working Moms - Between $10 and $20

Lightning USB Leather Tassel Key Chain iPhone Charger

Price: $12.19

This isn't just a portable charging cable; it doubles as a stylish accessory. It's perfect as a pendant for her key chain, handbag, or work bag. Plus, it ensures she's always charged up on the go. This really comes in handy, especially when traveling for those big work trips.

"Mindset is Everything" Wall Art

Price: $12.95

I love this wall art! It's so cute, but the message is actually really powerful. Put a daily dose of motivation right on her wall, reminding her of the power of a positive mindset.

I Love My Boss (PS I Work For Myself) Mug

Price: $14.97

Oh my gosh, this mug is great for an entrepreneur! So, for that touch of humor and a daily reminder of her entrepreneurial spirit, you gotta get one of these mugs.

Aqua Notes

Price: $15.00

Because, believe it or not, the best ideas often strike in the shower. I swear it... there, in the middle of the night or on a plane, lol! The aqua notes are a pad that suctions to your shower wall. You can jot down notes during your shower and don't have to worry about the paper getting destroyed. Aqua Notes waterproof paper is so durable it even works underwater!

You Are A Badass Calendar

Price: $17.99

Give her daily doses of inspiration with this badass calendar. Based on the #1 New York Times bestseller, "You Are a Badass," every day serves as a reminder to be the happiest, brightest, and, yes, most badass version of herself.

Gifts for Working Moms - Between $20 and $35

Tech Candy Power House Charging Station

Price: $32

This trendy, smart tech gift ensures her devices are always charged. Plus, it's fast and efficient. It's super cute, too! It also fits perfectly on a desk.

Digital Alarm Clock

Price: $32.98

It's more than just an alarm; it's also a makeup mirror. Helping her manage time while looking her best! Late for a Zoom and don't know what you are looking like, check your clock, lol! It's also super trendy and stylish.

Padfolio Portfolio Case

Price: $33.99

For the female entrepreneur who loves staying organized. This portfolio case is a game-changer during business trips, interviews, or conferences.

Ono Roller

Price: $34.99

I love this adult fidget toy! It is a fantastic tool for those moments when she needs to focus, relieve stress, or simply take a break from the business hustle.

Happy Planner

Price: $34.99

The organization meets nostalgia with this planner. Perfect for tracking her busy schedule and cherished moments. If you have a Disney fan on your hands, you'll score extra points with this one!

Gifts for Working Moms - Between $35 and $40

Yeti Traveler mug

Price: $35.00

Every businesswoman needs her caffeine fix, and this Yeti mug ensures her beverage remains hot or cold, just the way she likes it. Yeti mugs are such high quality and will keep your drinks hot or cold for the entire day!

Brené Brown 3 Books Collection Set

Price: $35.68

A treasure trove of insights and wisdom, this collection set featuring "Dare to Lead," "Gifts of Imperfection," and "Daring Greatly" provides invaluable lessons on leadership, vulnerability, and the art of embracing imperfections. It is ideal for any entrepreneur looking for introspection and growth.

Happy Light Therapy Lamp

Price: $39.99

I swear by this and use it religiously during the winter months! Especially beneficial during those long working hours, this lamp ensures she receives her daily dose of sunshine even indoors, enhancing mood, energy, and focus.


Price: $39.99

Create a peaceful working environment with this low-noise diffuser, perfect for relaxation during those stressful business moments. Pair this gift with some essential oils, like this $10 one on Amazon, and you're golden!

Bluetooth Speaker with Lights

Price: $40.99

For the nights she wants to relax, or the days she needs some uplifting music while working. This bluetooth speaker also functions as a charging station!

Conclusion: Gift Ideas for Working Moms - $50 and under

Choosing the best gifts for entrepreneurs, especially female business owners, requires thought and consideration. With this list of gift ideas for working moms, you're sure to find something special, useful, and under $50. After all, every hard-working mom or entrepreneur deserves something extra special!

Gift ideas for working moms, especially those who have ventured into entrepreneurship, go beyond mere items. They are symbolic, expressing admiration for their tenacity, dedication, and the love they give both at work and home. As you consider these entrepreneur gift ideas, remember that the essence of the gift lies in recognizing her spirit, her challenges, and her achievements. In this curated list, tailored to the needs and desires of today's working mom and female entrepreneur, you're not just giving a gift; you're honoring her journey.


Make sure you're always on the lookout for sales and discounts with the links above, especially around the holiday season!

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