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Step-by-Step Guide To Add Page Numbers in Canva

Let's talk about Canva, a tool that's become synonymous with easy and versatile design. 

From professional-looking headers to unique page layouts, Canva makes design accessible to literally everyone. But when it comes to multi-page documents, one feature often overlooked yet crucial is the addition of page numbers. 

Whether you're crafting a digital planner, a report, or a presentation, page numbers bring order and professionalism to your project.

Step-by-Step Guide To Add Page Numbers in Canva

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This guide is all about how to add page numbers in Canva. We'll explore different methods, from the simple steps of manually inserting numbers to utilizing Canva's elements for a more automated approach. 

So, whether you're a Canva newbie or a seasoned pro, let's make your multi-page documents stand out with ease and style


  • How To Find Templates

  • Understanding Canva’s Layout

  • How to Add Pages Manually

  • How To Utilize Canva’s Elements for Page Numbers

  • Create Master Pages for Uniform Page Numbers

Prepare Your Canva Document

The first thing you have to start out with is a design, right? You can create your own Canva design from scratch or else you can pick the perfect template from the hundreds Canva has available to us. I love the Canva templates; it's kinda like picking the right outfit for an occasion.

Need help figuring out how to find templates?

  1. Start at the Canva Homepage: Log in, and you're greeted with tons of Canva templates, from digital planners to business reports.

  2. Use the Search Bar: Not sure where to start? Use the search field at the top of the screen. Type in what you're looking for, like "report" or "presentation," and watch as Canva presents you with a myriad of options.

  3. Select and Customize: Once you find a template that resonates with your project, click to open it. Remember, these templates are just a starting point – you can customize them to your heart’s content!

Understanding Canva’s Layout

Before we add page numbers, let's get familiar with Canva's layout:

  1. The Left Sidebar: From the left side panel, you can access different design elements, text options, and more.

  2. The Top Menu Bar: Here you'll find options like 'File', 'Edit', and 'View'. The 'View' settings are particularly handy for showing rulers, which help in aligning your text boxes accurately.

  3. The Design Frame: This is your canvas. The central part is where your design comes to life. You can add new pages, duplicate existing ones, and navigate through your document easily.

Adding Page Numbers to Canva Manually

now that you have a good feel for Canva and how to navigate around, let's get into exactly how to add page numbers in Canva.

Inserting Text Boxes for Page Numbers

Now, let's start numbering:

Inserting a Text Box: Click on the 'Text' button on the left sidebar and choose a simple text style. Click on your design where you want the number to go.

Add a Text Box to Canva Design

Typing the Number: Simply type in the desired number. For the first page, start with “1”.

How To Format and Position Page Numbers

Consistency is key for a professional look:

  1. Duplicate for Following Pages: Use the duplicate page button to create a new page. It's the easiest way to maintain uniformity in your design elements.

  2. Adjust the Number: On each new duplicated page, just adjust the number to reflect the correct page.

  3. Align Using Rulers: To ensure your numbers are perfectly aligned, use the horizontal and vertical rulers. Drag your text box until it snaps into place.

How To Utilize Canva’s Elements for Page Numbers

You can also use pre-designed numbers to really make your design pop! 

How to Use Pre-Designed Number Elements

Here's how to use pre-made designs as your page numbers to a design:

Access the Elements Tab: Click on the 'Elements' tab on the left side of the screen.

Search for Number Designs: In the search field, type 'numbers' or 'numeric.' You'll be greeted with an array of graphic numbers, from sleek and modern to fun and quirky.

Canva Elements

Choose Your Style: Browse through and select a number style that complements your design. There are sooo many to choose from. Make sure to click on "Select All" to expand and see even more options available to use.

Now, let’s make these numbers truly yours by customizing them!

  1. Adjust Size and Color: Click on the selected number to adjust its size and color. This ensures your page numbers harmonize with your document's overall design.

  2. Font Style and Effects: Play around with different font styles and create effects to make your numbers stand out or blend in - whatever suits your fancy!

  3. Consistency Across Pages: Remember to use the same number style for all pages to maintain a cohesive look.

Create Master Pages for Uniform Page Numbers

For those who like a little more control or things streamlined:

  1. Design a Footer Template: Create a footer template on your first page with your desired number style.

  2. Use the Duplicate Page Button: Duplicate this page for subsequent pages using the duplicate page icon. This ensures each new number is in the exact same spot.

Use can also use Grids and Frames for alignment:

  1. Enable the Ruler Tool: Use the 'Show Rulers' option under the 'File' button for precise alignment.

  2. Align with Grids and Frames: Drag your number to align with the horizontal and vertical rulers, ensuring perfect placement on every page.

Wrapping Up: Step-by-Step Guide To Add Page Numbers in Canva

And just like that you've just upped your Canva game! Adding page numbers might seem like a small detail, but it's these little touches that elevate your multi-page documents from good to great. Paying attention to detail is what takes you from a good designer to a pro. 

Remember, Canva is all about experimenting and finding what works best for your unique design needs. Whether it's playing around with graphic elements, exploring Canva's elements gallery, or mastering the ruler tool, there's always something new to discover.

So, keep experimenting, keep creating, and most importantly, keep enjoying the fun of bringing your ideas to life with Canva. 

I hope you found this article useful. Do you still have questions? Let me know in the comments. I would love to try and help!



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