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How To Upload Fonts to Wix

Inside: A step-by-step guide on how to upload fonts to Wix. You don't need to stick with what Wix provides; you can upload your own fonts easily! Keep reading to learn where to find custom fonts and how to install them with the Wix website builder.


How to Upload Fonts to Wix

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Are you looking to add your own touch and branding to your Wix site with some new fonts? You're in luck because I've got the perfect guide for you on how to upload fonts to Wix! It's surprisingly easy to do.

I'll show you how to make your Wix site look absolutely stunning with just a few easy steps. So, let's get into it! 

Where to Find Fonts For Your Brand

If you want custom fonts but don't know where to look. I've got you! There are tons of places where you can find the perfect Wix font to match your brand's vibe. 

Whether you're after an elegant look or something more thematic with stylized text or maybe even a unique font style that stands out, I've got you covered. Just remember to check the cookie policy and usage rights! 

Let's explore some go-to sources for web fonts that can give your site that special touch.

  • Creative Fabrica: This is a treasure trove for anyone looking to spruce up their website. They offer a wide range of fonts, from the classic to the quirky. Plus, they often have exclusive offers that are too good to pass up!

  • Creative Market: Another fantastic resource for finding that perfect font. Whether you need something for themed text or a more standard yet elegant look like Times New Roman, you'll find it here.

  • Google Fonts: Great for finding a variety of free fonts. It's super user-friendly and integrates well with your Wix design, making it one of the best ways to enhance your site's look.

  • Font Squirrel: Ideal for those looking for free commercial-use fonts. They have an online converter, too, so if you find a font file type that's not in the Wix-friendly TrueType attribute, you can easily convert it.

  • Adobe Fonts: A go-to for high-quality fonts. While some are free, others might require a subscription, but the variety and elegance you get are worth it.

  • FontSpace: Perfect for unique, user-generated fonts. If you want your Wix site to stand out, this might be your spot.

  • MyFonts: Offers a vast selection of fonts, from the latest trends to classic styles. They also have a great feature for identifying fonts if you have a specific style in mind but don't know its name.

Step-by-Step Guide To Upload a Font to Wix

Access Your Wix Account

First things first, start by logging into your Wix account. If you don't have one yet, no worries—it's quick and easy to sign up. Just go to the Wix Homepage and start the signup process.

Choose Your Font

At this point, you will want to select the font you will want to upload. Go through the list of websites I provided above and pick out your winners. I recommend pairing two fonts. One is more of the main font, and a second font complements the other one. Once you have your fonts, make sure your files are downloaded to your computer. 

Side note: Make sure you get the proper licensed font, too. Is this personal use, commercial use, etc?

Uploading Custom Fonts to Your Wix Site

Once you've got your font file (look for file types like TrueType or OpenType), it's time to upload it to your Wix site. Here's exactly how to do that:

Open the Wix Editor: This is your main tool for all things web design. To get there, just double-click on your site or select 'Edit Site' from your dashboard.

Access the Fonts Section: On the left-hand side panel, you'll find the text option. Click on "Site Design" and then "Text Theme".

Wix Site Design Preview

Click on the 'Upload Fonts' Button: Now you'll want to select where you want the font to be applied. For instance, if you want your headers to be a specific font, you'll want to select Header 1.

Customize Wix Text Theme

Once you select where you want the font to be applied, click on the Font dropdown and select "Upload Fonts" found at the bottom right.

Wix Font Tutorial

Select Your Font File: You can drag and drop your original file or use the file element to browse your computer window.

add fonts to wix

Confirm and Use Your Uploaded Font: Once uploaded, you'll see a green check mark. Your font will now appear in the font dropdown menu, ready to be used on any text element of your choice.

Customizing Text Elements with Your New Font

Now that your desired font is uploaded, you can apply it to individual text settings. 

Here's how to do that:

  1. Select a Text Box: Click on any piece of text (be it long text or just a single word) on your site.

  2. Open the Text Element Settings: Click on the 'Edit Text' button or double-click on the text box.

  3. Choose Your Uploaded Font: From the font dropdown menu, select your new font. You can adjust the font size and style to fit your overall design.

  4. Preview and Save: Always preview to see how it looks, and then hit save to keep the changes.

Remember, the font you choose plays a huge role in the user experience. Mix and match different approaches with serif and san serif fonts to see what works best. The great news is that Wix's font manager keeps all your fonts in a single location, making it easy to switch between them.

WRAPPING UP: Uploading Fonts to Wix

And there you have it – uploading fonts to your Wix site in easy steps! With these simple steps, you can give your site a whole new look and enhance your online presence. Whether it's for personal use or your online business, the right font can make a world of difference.

Happy designing, and here's to your beautiful, font-enhanced Wix website! 


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