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How to Use ShareASale to Make Money From Your Blog: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you're new to affiliate marketing, you've probably already spent a lot of time scrolling through countless articles about monetizing your blog and coming across ShareASale. Still unsure where to start? Are you wondering what the affiliate platform is and how to use ShareASale to finally turn your blogging passion into a profitable venture?

You're not alone, and I'm here to help! Below, I'll showcase the ShareASale affiliate program—a robust and user-friendly platform that has been a game-changer for many bloggers, soon to include you!

So, Why ShareASale?

For starters, it's one of the most trusted platforms in the affiliate marketing world, offering a diverse ShareASale marketplace filled with merchants that cater to virtually every niche you can think of. Whether you're new to the affiliate game or looking to diversify your income streams, understanding the ins and outs of the ShareASale affiliate sign up process and how to maximize your earnings is critical.

Let's get started if you're ready to dive into this promising world and learn how to use ShareASale to boost your blog's income!


What Is ShareASale?

ShareASale is a leading affiliate marketing network that connects bloggers like you with various merchants. The ShareASale affiliate program offers a diverse ShareASale marketplace where you can find affiliate opportunities that align with your blog's niche. So whether you're a mom blogger or a health and wellness blogger, there is something for everyone.

Signing up is simple through the ShareASale affiliate sign-up process, and once approved, you'll have access to a dashboard. You can earn commissions from here through clicks, leads, or sales generated by your unique affiliate links. Knowing how to use ShareASale opens doors to monetizing your blog effectively.

If you want a complete breakdown of how to incorporate your affiliate links into your blog posts, check out my guide to affiliate marketing blog post tips!

Okay, now let's get you signed up!

How to Use ShareASale to Make Money From Your Blog

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The ShareASale Affiliate Sign Up: Getting Started

  1. Sign Up: The first step in your ShareASale affiliate sign up is heading to their website and filling in your details. You can click here to go directly to the SIGN-UP PAGE

  2. Get Approved: Your blog will be reviewed once you submit your application. Once approved, you'll have access to your very own ShareASale dashboard!!!

  3. Explore the ShareASale Marketplace: You're in! Now, you can browse and search for merchants that resonate with your blog's niche.

  4. Join Affiliate Programs: Once picked, apply to individual affiliate programs within the ShareASale marketplace.

How to Choose the Right Merchants from the ShareASale Marketplace

When you've completed your ShareASale affiliate sign-up, and you're all set to start earning, one of the first steps is choosing the right merchants to promote on your blog. The ShareASale marketplace offers many options, making it both exciting and potentially overwhelming. To help you navigate this, here are some key factors to consider:

Niche Relevance

The first step in learning to use ShareASale effectively is ensuring the products you promote align with your blog's theme and audience. You want to select merchants from the ShareASale marketplace who offer products or services that genuinely interest your readers, as this will naturally lead to higher engagement and conversions.

Commission Rate

When choosing merchants from the ShareASale marketplace, always look for a healthy balance between a high commission rate and a high-quality product. After all, a high commission won't mean much if the product is subpar and leads to low conversions or unhappy readers.

Cookie Duration

This is a crucial, often overlooked factor. Cookie duration refers to how long the tracking code will stay active once someone clicks your affiliate link. In the ShareASale affiliate program, different merchants offer different cookie durations, so keep an eye out for those that offer more extended periods.

Payout Threshold

Last but not least, check the payout threshold—the minimum amount you need to earn before you can receive a payout. This information is typically available in the terms and conditions of each merchant's program within the ShareASale marketplace. Knowing this can help you set achievable earning goals and manage your expectations.

  • By considering these factors, you'll be better equipped to make savvy choices within the ShareASale marketplace, maximizing both your earning potential and your readers' satisfaction.

How to Use ShareASale: Creating Affiliate Links

  1. Dashboard: After your ShareASale affiliate sign up, log into your dashboard.

  2. Links Tab: Navigate to the 'Links' tab and find your approved merchant.

  3. Get HTML Code: Click "Get HTML Code" next to your chosen product.

  4. Embed: Place the HTML code in your blog post.

  5. Text Links: If you don't want to Embed code, you can also use a direct text link!

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Tips for Maximizing Earnings in the ShareASale Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing can be lucrative, but it's crucial to strategize for long-term success. Here's how you can maximize your earnings through the ShareASale affiliate program.

Quality Over Quantity

When exploring how to use ShareASale effectively, remember that you shouldn't just pepper your blog with random affiliate links. Instead, focus on providing genuine value to your readers by carefully selecting high-quality products from the ShareASale marketplace that align with your blog's niche and audience.

Targeted Content

Content is king, and this reigns true in affiliate marketing. When you craft blog posts, aim to naturally incorporate the products or services you're promoting through the ShareASale affiliate program. For instance, if you're promoting a cooking gadget, a blog post on "The Ultimate Guide to Effortless Cooking" would be the perfect platform.

Track Performance

The ShareASale dashboard is a goldmine of analytics and performance metrics. These can offer valuable insights into which strategies are working and which aren't. You'll learn how to use ShareASale more effectively over time by monitoring your metrics.


Transparency builds trust. Always disclose that you're using affiliate links. Many readers appreciate the honesty, and it's also a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requirement.

You can use mine as an example:


ShareASale Affiliate Program: Example Post Ideas

Wondering what kind of content will drive affiliate sales? Here are some blog post ideas designed to naturally incorporate products from the ShareASale marketplace, thus helping you make the most of your ShareASale affiliate sign-up. People love How-To articles, Lists, and product hype posts. Let me show you waht I mean below:

Top 10 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets for [Year]

This is an excellent way to feature multiple products from the ShareASale marketplace. Break down why each gadget is a must-have, and include your ShareASale affiliate links for each product.

[Product] Review: Is It Worth the Hype?

Reviews are a great way to offer value while promoting products. Pick a popular item from your ShareASale affiliate program and give an honest, thorough review.

How to Achieve [Goal] With [Product]: A Guide

These how-to guides serve as detailed tutorials that showcase the usefulness of a product. For instance, if you're promoting a fitness app via the ShareASale affiliate program, you could write a post like "How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Month With [Fitness App]: A Step-by-Step Guide."

If you want a full list of affiliate programs for beginners, make sure to check out my full list by clicking here!

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So there you have it! We've journeyed through the ins and outs of how to use ShareASale, explored the immense potential of the ShareASale marketplace, and discussed key steps for a successful ShareASale affiliate sign-up.

The affiliate program offers a lucrative and user-friendly platform that can serve as a cornerstone in your blog monetization strategy. Whether you're a beginner looking for your first affiliate program or an experienced blogger aiming to diversify your income, ShareASale has options tailored for you.

Now, all that's left is to take action. Implement what you've learned, continually optimize your strategy, and watch as your blog starts to generate more revenue than ever before. And remember, affiliate marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. The key to success is perseverance, continuous learning, and adapting to your audience's needs.

Ready to dive in and start monetizing your blog? Kickstart your journey with a ShareASale affiliate sign-up now!

Do you have questions? Comment below!

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