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Simple Steps To Make and Sell Top SVG Files on Etsy in 2023

Inside: Learn how to make and sell SVGs on Etsy with this step-by-step guide! I'll show you exactly how to create SVG files so you can start making a profit on your own Etsy shop right away.

Simple Steps To Make and Sell Top SVG Files on Etsy

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There is a huge demand for digital products right now, and let me tell you, it's an easy way to make a new passive income. I'm telling you, you do not want to sleep on this opportunity.

So, if you're curious about how to make SVGs to sell on Etsy, keep reading so you can tap into the SVG business and start making money with your original designs.

You don't need to be a graphic designer to start! Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting, Etsy is one of the best places to sell digital downloads, especially SVG files.

SVGs, or Scalable Vector Graphics, are a gold mine for crafters, and if you play your cards right, they can be for you, too!

Who knows, maybe you'll become a star seller and replace your full-time income with your digital assets!

What we'll cover:

  • Why Sell SVGs on Etsy

  • How to create SVGs with Canva or Adobe Illustrator

  • The easiest ways to understand your audience

  • How to sell your digital art

  • Navigating Legalities

  • How to market your SVG files

Why Sell SVGs on Etsy?

So, why focus on SVGs, you ask?

Well, SVG files are versatile digital downloads that cater to a wide audience.

They're perfect for:

  • DIY enthusiasts

  • Small business owners

  • And anyone with a Cricut design space looking to add a personal touch to their projects.

Most people will take an SVG file to use for physical products. The list of what you can use SVG files for is endless, but here are some of the top ways people use SVGs:

  • Clothing designs (from shirts to hats)

  • On coozies or other drink holders

  • Keychains

  • Vinyl stickers

  • Ornaments

how to make svgs to sell on etsy - ideas

And the best part?

Once you create these designs for your shop and upload your digital file, it can sell an unlimited number of times with zero production cost. It's passive income at its finest. Sounds like a sweet deal, right?

Crafting Your Digital File Masterpiece

Creating top-notch SVGs that shoppers will scramble to buy is an art in itself. But don't worry, because I'm here to guide you through the how-to create SVGs process like a pro.

Understand Your Audience

First up, understand your target market.

What are crafters looking for? Which current trends are hot right now? Is there a huge demand for the design you have in mind? Look into things like trending words and sayings, pop culture moments, holidays coming up, etc.

Think about how you can tap into a profitable niche and make it your own. A little market research goes a long way.


It's crucial to understand the legal side of selling digital files. Ensure you have a commercial license for all the elements in your SVGs. This avoids any legal hiccups with your Etsy shop and keeps everything above board.

Are Your Designs Already Trademarked?

Since you'll be selling your SVG cut files, an important thing to consider before creating your designs is whether they already have a trademark owner or not.

When writing your descriptions, titles, and tags, be careful not to infringe on trademarks or anything you don't have the right to. Disney, NFL, Colleges, Apple, Barbi, Ford, Universal, Nike, and other big brand names are all big no-nos.

You can search for words or phrases that may be trademarked here:

This is a government website that will give you the most up-to-date information on trademarks.

Once on the website, you'll need to go to "Search Trademarks."

how to make svgs to sell on etsy - trademark 1

Scroll down and click "Search our trademark database (TESS)."

how to make svgs to sell on etsy - trademark 2

Under Select a Search Option, click "Basic Word Mark Search."

how to make svgs to sell on etsy - trademark 3

If you're looking for copyright information, you can search here:

Where can I create my original designs:

You'll want to get familiar with graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator and Canva.

Adobe Illustrator is more advanced, but if you can learn even the basics, it can be a very powerful tool. It's a favorite among Etsy sellers for crafting crisp, clean, and scalable designs.

Here are some benefits of using Illustrator:

  • Scalability: SVGs can be scaled to any size without losing quality. This makes them useful for designing responsive web pages.

  • Appearance: SVG gives designers and developers a lot of control over their appearance.

  • File size: SVGs are smaller in file size than other image file formats.

  • Search engine optimization: SVGs are fully optimized for all search engines.

  • Editing: SVGs are just code so that images can be edited and moved in real time.

  • Sharpness: SVG keeps the design as it is when saved in Adobe Illustrator.

Canva is definitely a fan favorite. Anyone can use it, from beginners to experts.

Here are some benefits of using Canva:

  • Rescaling: SVG files can be scaled up or down without losing quality or file size.

  • Color editing: SVG files with less than five colors can be edited directly in Canva.

  • Real-time editing: SVG contains code so that images can be edited and moved in real time.

  • Web design: SVGs were designed for icon-like illustrations on the web.

  • Lightweight: SVG files are lightweight and a web standard.

A quick point when using Canva: Your designs need to be original. If you're wondering, "Can I sell Canva Designs on Etsy?" remember, while Canva is great for personal projects for commercial use, you need to ensure you have the right commercial license.

How Do You Make SVG Files to Sell?

Here is a quick tutorial on how to create an SVG file with Adobe Illustrator:

And this is a quick tutorial on how to create an SVG file with Canva:

The Selling Blueprint

Alright, you got your digital download ready? Perfect! Now, let's talk about the actual selling part.

Setting Up Your Etsy Shop

First step, you'll want to set up your Etsy shop, which is a breeze. Fill in the details, set up your shop policies, and you're good to go.

For a step-by-step guide to set up your Etsy shop, you'll want to to access the guide below:

Etsy SEO is Your Best Friend

Once you set up your shop, it's time to publish your first Etsy listing!

In the title and description, use relevant keywords along with phrases like 'SVGs on Etsy' "digital images,' 'Wall art," etc. SEO can make or break your visibility on Etsy.

SEO research can be time-consuming, so I strongly suggest investing in either EverBee or Sales Samurai to help guide you with this part.

Does Etsy Listing Presentation Matter?

Yes! Make your listings attractive. Use high-quality images and mockups to showcase your new products in action.

Here are some of my favorite mockup shops on Etsy:

  • Moody Mocks

  • Moonlit Mockups

  • Mockup Jungle

how to make svgs to sell on etsy - mock up shops

Marketing Your finished product

Don't just rely on Etsy's traffic. Promote your SVGs on social media platforms, join crafting groups, and consider collaborating with influencers in the DIY space.

Doing your market research and having a smart marketing strategy will really help skyrocket your new product exposure.

Here are the top 5 methods that you should focus on:

  • Social media like Instagram and Pinterest: Showcase your SVGs with eye-catching images and use the right hashtags to attract a craft-loving audience. Instagram is a great way to go viral and get your eyes on a ton of people quickly. While Pinterest is its search engine optimization platform, so take advantage of it because it's free!

  • Email Marketing: Build an email list through your blog to keep your potential buyers and audience engaged with updates, discounts, and freebies. Convertkit and MailChimp are both great!

  • Collaborate with Influencers: Find DIY influencers who can creatively use your SVGs and share them with their followers.

  • YouTube Tutorials: Create tutorials that demonstrate the value and versatility of your SVGs, driving traffic to your Etsy shop. If you grow big enough on YouTube, there's another passive income stream!

  • Etsy Ads: Invest in Etsy's advertising system to ensure your SVGs appear in top search results within the platform.

With these strategies, you'll be able to cast a wide net and catch those customers who are eager to use your creative designs in their projects.

Where can I sell my digital products?

If you decide you want to expand outside of Etsy, there are lots of other amazing places you can sell!

Here are a few other options:

  • Your own website

  • A Shopify shop

  • Redbubble

  • Creative Market

  • Creative Fabrica

FINAL THOUGHTS: Simple Steps To Make and Sell Top SVG Files on Etsy

And there you have it—a creator's guide to making and selling SVGs on Etsy in 2023.

It's a digital world brimming with opportunities if you know where to look and how to showcase your work.

Remember, success on Etsy doesn't happen overnight. It takes passion, patience, and persistence.

But as you continue to hone your craft, stay authentic to your style, and engage with your audience, you'll build a brand that resonates with customers. Keep pushing the boundaries of creativity, market smartly, and make sure your customer service is as top-notch as your designs.

In this digital age, your potential is limitless.

Your SVGs can transform from simple digital files to must-have elements in someone's wedding, home decor, or personal project. Each sale is not just a transaction; it's a part of someone's story that you get to contribute to. So, take pride in your work.

Did you find this article useful? Do you still have questions you need answered? Let me know in the comments, and I'll get back to you!

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