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Top 5 reasons to quit the corporate world to sell digital products

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Picture this: you're stuck in a cubicle, away from your precious babies, overworked, underpaid, and your eyes glazed over from staring at that same old spreadsheet. All you can think about is everything else you could be doing. The life you could have.

Can't you almost taste the freedom of setting your own schedule? Feel the thrill of creating something uniquely yours? That's the call of the digital wild, and I'm here to tell you – it's time to answer!

Top 5 reasons to quit the corporate world to sell digital products

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I was there right there with you in 2017. I was stuck at a soul-sucking corporate job, working well over 12 hours a day, very underpaid, and so stressed I would get sores on my face (proof below lol).

Sell Digital Products - corporate stress

I haven't looked at this photo in so long. It brings back all the emotions that go with how I felt then. Stuck, miserable, exhausted, broke, stressed, and anxiety-ridden.

Can you relate? If you do, I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be that way! I'm proof of that. I took a huge leap of faith in 2017 when I quit the corporate world and took a big pay cut to branch out independently. Since then, I've doubled what my corporate paychecks used to be and live a much happier life than when I was stuck in a cubicle.

I want this for you, too! Let's chat about escaping the corporate world and embracing your entrepreneurial side.

But first, let's break down this digital enigma.

What are digital products, and how can you tap into it?

Think eBooks, downloadable art, online courses, templates, music, apps, and more! Essentially, if it can be sold in a digital format, it's a digital product.

Why swap the corporate world for the digital marketplace, you ask? Get comfy because we're about to explore the top 5 reasons to do just that!

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Sell Digital Products - product ideas

Now let's get into WHY you need to create your own career selling digital products.

1. Freedom and Flexibility

Imagine swapping that restrictive office cubicle for the unlimited expanse of your dreams! Say goodbye to tedious commutes and hello to working from a serene beachside cafe or a cozy mountain cabin.

The beauty of the digital product business model is that it can be run from anywhere with an internet connection. This flexibility allows me to live a balanced life that isn't dominated by work alone. Selling digital products gifts you the freedom to set your own schedule, work from anywhere, and achieve that elusive work-life balance. It's a no-brainer!

Picture it. You wake up at 7am without an alarm. You make your morning coffee. Maybe you take your dog for a leisurely walk or sip your coffee on the back porch while you listen to your favorite podcast.

  • No stress to get out the door by a certain time

  • No clothing restrictions. Sweatpants are totally acceptable work attire when you work for yourself

  • No need to ask for time off

  • No wasted time commuting

  • Work from wherever you want

  • Build a schedule that works for you

  • No rush to get on Zoom calls or check emails

Complete freedom to make money how you want! My first year working for myself, I went to Disney World four times, spent almost an entire month in the summer visiting family, visited Europe for the first time, took an extended holiday break, and so much more. This is just to show you that you can have so much freedom when you cut ties working for someone else.

2. Scalability

Your productivity (and paycheck!) is tied to your working hours in the corporate world. But in the world of digital products, once you've created your masterpiece, it's the gift that keeps giving.

The digital product business model is incredibly scalable.

Once a digital product is created, it can be sold infinite times without needing to replenish inventory or incur additional production costs. This scalability wasn't possible in my corporate job, where my productivity was limited by the hours I could physically work.

Yes, your digital product could be ringing in the sales while you enjoy your sunset yoga or maybe a Disney vacation!

This type of residual income helps tremendously with avoiding burnout.

When I had my son in 2020, I still made money from my digital product listings without taking time away from him. In the corporate world, they want as many hours as possible from you, but working smarter and not harder is key when you work for yourself.

3. Creativity and Innovation

Ever felt stifled by corporate brand guidelines? You are always following someone else's blueprint.

It's time to set your creativity free, darling! When selling digital products, the world is your canvas; you hold the brush. You get to create something original, something that screams YOU! And who knows, you might even start a trend!

  • You have the chance to innovate and express your creativity.

  • You can create a product from scratch

  • You decide how to market it

  • You can change strategies based on your ideas and insights.

4. Direct Impact and Satisfaction

As corporate ladies, we've all had those moments where we wonder if our work is making a difference. When you're selling digital products, you see your impact firsthand. Every glowing customer review and heartfelt thank-you message speaks to the difference you're making.

And girl, let me tell you, that satisfaction beats any corporate commendation hands-down! There is not a single time a happy customer review has come through that I wasn't over the moon that they loved their product. It is the most gratifying feeling.

Can you picture it? You work so hard to make a quality product, you make your first sale, and the customer LOVES it. What a great feeling. You're adding value and helping others.

5. Unlimited Earning Potential

Remember when you slogged away at a project only to get a measly raise? The pay increases are at least a year in between each other and never enough of an increase. For me, it didn't matter how hard I worked or how many hours I sunk into my job, and no matter how well I performed, my salary was capped.

In the digital marketplace, the harder you work, the smarter you strategize, the more you can earn. An HR policy can't cap your earning potential; it's as limitless as your ambition!

With all of this said, you do need a plan. Don't just up and quit your corporate job! Save up, prepare, start selling your digital products prior to taking the leap!

Taking the plunge from the corporate world into the digital market might seem daunting. It requires courage, planning, and a dollop of tenacity. But with the promise of freedom, scalability, creativity, impact, and unlimited earnings, it's a leap worth taking.

So, to all my ambitious ladies, it's time to say goodbye to the corporate hamster wheel. Dust off your dreams, ignite your ambition and step into the dazzling world of digital products.

After all, as the Spice Girls famously sang...who runs the world? Girls – especially those with a sassy digital product in their repertoire!

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