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Skyrocketing Your Pinterest Traffic in 2024

Skyrocketing Your Pinterest Traffic in 2024

Pinterest -- the search engine powerhouse for visuals – has been an incredible tool for businesses, bloggers, and creative souls alike for over a decade!

And if you're reading this, it's safe to say that you're ready to level up your Pinterest game this 2023. I don't blame you! Why not take advantage of a powerful free marketing tool?

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Get comfy because we're about to take a joy ride into the universe of Pinterest, plotting a course to skyrocket your Pinterest traffic. So, fasten your seatbelt!

Discover the Power of Pin SEO

Yes, SEO isn't just for Google anymore! Pinterest's search engine looks for the right keywords in your pins, boards, and profile. So sprinkle those keywords like confetti, but always with relevance and grace. Make sure you use relevant keywords for everything. If you just shove a bunch of keywords without much thought about if it fits your particular pin or board, Pinterest will get confused and likely not show your content, which would be a shame.

Remember, keyword stuffing is as passé as the Macarena (sorry, Macarena fans!).

Pin with a Strategy and Purpose

Quality over quantity. I know many Pinterest marketers will tell you to do at least 5 fresh pins a day, but if they aren't high quality, no one will click anyways, and your hard work will be for nothing. Pinterest isn't a dumping ground for all and sundry. It's more like a curated art gallery, so make your Pins masterpieces. Consistently pin content that is useful, engaging, and super shareable. Also, remember the power of good visuals – bright, high-quality, vertical images rule this roost!

If your strong suit isn't graphic design, you can grab these templates here and work off them!


Pinterest Traffic Pin Template Bundle

Also, check out my Beginners Guide to Canva post to get you started with designing!


Follow Pinterest Trends

The Pinterest Trends tool is your crystal ball into the future of popular content. It's a useful tool to help you write content around what is hot right now. Use it to see what's hot and not, then tailor your pins accordingly. After all, who doesn't love riding the wave of what's trending?

To find Pinterest Trends, click "Analytics" and select "Trends" from the dropdown menu.

Pinterest Traffic - Trends 1

From there, you can type in keywords, filter on the left-hand side, or just look at what is trending overall.

Pinterest Traffic - Trends 2

Tell a Story with Video Pins

In 2023, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. Pinterest's video Pins are gaining traction and are your VIP ticket to boosted engagement. How can we leverage Video Pins, you ask? Let's dive in!

  1. Behind-the-Scenes Tours: We all love a sneak peek into what's happening behind the curtain. Whether you're running a home bakery, an Etsy crafts store, a lifestyle blog, or a tech startup, your followers are always eager to see the human side of things.

  2. How-To Guides & Tutorials: The world is a university, and everyone's looking to learn something new. Video Pins can serve as bite-sized tutorials for your followers. Be it a simple 5-minute crafts DIY, a step-by-step baking guide, a swift makeup tutorial, or a quick home workout - there are learners for everything.

  3. Product Demos & Reviews: Do you have a product to show off? Video Pins are your runway! They are an excellent tool to showcase your Product's features, usability, and benefits. It's like creating your own mini infomercials!

  4. Snippets of Daily Life: Authenticity is the name of the game in 2023. Sharing snippets from your daily life - a new book you're reading, a stunning sunset, your adorable pets, or your favorite recipe, can add a personal touch and let your followers connect with you on a more intimate level.

  5. Teasers & Trailers: Launching a new product or service? Use Video Pins to create a buzz. Make exciting teasers, trailers, or countdowns that ignite curiosity and anticipation among your followers.

Remember, creating Video Pins doesn't require a full-blown production setup. A smartphone with a good camera, some natural light, a dash of creativity, and you're set to roll! And yes, keep it vertical – Pinterest is all about the long and lean look.

Revolutionize Your Retail with Shoppable Pins

If you've got something to sell, Pinterest is your 24/7 online storefront. Shoppable Pins allow users to make purchases without leaving the platform, reducing friction in the buying process. Don't just pin it; sell it!

Here's how you can make the most of Shoppable Pins:

  1. Be Product Proud: With Shoppable Pins, your products become the star of the show! Showcase them with high-quality, eye-catching images and intriguing descriptions. Remember, Pinterest is a visual platform. You want to stop scrollers in their tracks with your tantalizingly tangible pins.

  2. Leverage Rich Pins: This nifty pin type automatically syncs information from your website to your pin. Price changes and availability updates all happen in real-time! Less time spent managing pins means more time for you to brainstorm your next big Pinterest move.

  3. Tell A Story: Pinterest users aren't just buyers but dreamers and doers. Don't just sell a product - sell an experience, sell a lifestyle. Use the power of storytelling to illustrate how your product fits into your pinner's life.

  4. Pair with Idea Pins: Use Idea Pins to share DIY projects, recipes, or tips that feature your Product. Then, link to a Shoppable Pin in the description. It's an engaging one-two punch that offers value and drives sales!

  5. Employ Catalogs: Have a whole line of products you want to feature? Use Pinterest Catalogs to upload your product inventory in bulk. Then, Pinterest will automatically turn these into Shoppable Pins. It's like having a virtual storefront!

  6. Analyze Your Success: Pinterest provides fantastic analytics for Shoppable Pins. You can see your impressions, click-through rates, and other useful stats. Use this data to refine your strategies and boost your Pinterest success! You can see Analytics by clicking the Analytics tab. Otherwise, if you want to see stats for a specific pin, you can simply click "see more stats."

Engage, Engage, Engage!

Pinterest isn't just about pinning – it's also about engaging. Reply to comments, share others' content, and stay active. You're not just building traffic; you're building a community.

Final Thoughts: Skyrocketing Your Pinterest Traffic

Pinterest in 2024 is more than just a platform; it's a vibrant, engaging, and exciting community of creatives, dreamers, and doers. So start experimenting with these strategies, and watch your Pinterest traffic soar.

Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, nor will your Pinterest empire be. Consistency is the secret sauce to Pinterest's success. You're not just creating content; you're creating value, sharing ideas, and, most importantly, having fun while you're at it!

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