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Top Rated Standing Desks That You Can Find On Amazon

Inside: The Top Rated Standing Desks Found on Amazon! You'll find a full list of the best sellers. All you need to do is find the one that best fits your needs! Read on for the full list.

Top Rated Standing Desks

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Do you work from home and want to know the top rated standing desks, so you can make an educated decision when purchasing one? I've got you covered! Keep reading to learn more about the best adjustable desks out there!

We spend countless hours behind our desks, and it's crucial to invest in one that not only adds aesthetic value to our workspace but also takes care of our posture and overall health.

After some intense scouring and reviewing, I've rounded up the top rated standing desks for home offices.

Below is are the results based off research I did for which ones are best selling, best known, top rated, etc.

What are the benefits of a standing desk?

Standing desks, also known as stand-up desks, are not just a modern fad. They have been shown to offer a plethora of health and productivity benefits to those who opt to give them a shot.

Here are just some compelling benefits:

  1. Promotes Better Posture: Standing desks promote a more upright posture, unlike traditional desks. No more slouching in the chair or hunching over the keyboard!

  2. Reduces Back Pain: Back pain is one of the most common complaints from professionals who sit for extended periods. Standing desks have shown promising results in reducing lower back pain after several weeks of consistent use.

  3. Lowers Risk of Health Issues: Studies suggest prolonged sitting can increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. By standing more, you can potentially lower these risks.

  4. Boosts Energy and Mood: Standing promotes blood flow and circulation, enhancing energy levels and uplifting mood. Plus, the slight movement and weight shifting when standing can keep you more alert and awake.

  5. May Increase Productivity: The initial skepticism about reduced efficiency when standing has been debunked by studies showing that standing desk users experience less fatigue and more energy, which can aid in increased productivity.

  6. More Movement Freedom: Standing allows you to move around, stretch your legs, or even dance a little without the constraints of a chair.

  7. Adjustability: Many modern standing desks are height adjustable, allowing users to find their ideal height for tasks and enhancing ergonomic benefits.

  8. Lifespan Longevity: Some studies suggest that reducing sedentary time can lead to a longer life. While this is an ongoing area of research, less sitting time is generally seen as a positive for overall health.

Pros and Cons of Standing Desks

Every coin has two sides, and standing desks are no exception. While they bring numerous advantages, they also come with some drawbacks. Let's break it down:


  1. Improved Posture: Standing desks can naturally encourage better posture as they deter slumping or slouching.

  2. Health Benefits: Standing reduces risks associated with prolonged sitting, such as heart disease, obesity, and musculoskeletal pain.

  3. Increased Energy: The active nature of standing can boost blood circulation, leading to better energy levels throughout the day.

  4. Versatility: Most modern standing desks are adjustable. If you want to sit, you can! The freedom to switch between sitting and standing can be liberating.

  5. Space Efficiency: Some standing desk designs can be more streamlined and may offer more surface area for storage beneath them.

  6. Promotes Activity: It's easier to move around, take short walking breaks, or do quick stretches when you're already standing.


  1. Initial Fatigue: Transitioning to a standing routine can be tiring initially. It's important to pace oneself and not go from 0 to 100 immediately. Your body just needs a slight adjustment period to the added daily activity.

  2. Foot and Leg Strain: Standing for long periods can strain the feet and legs. It's essential to invest in comfortable footwear and possibly anti-fatigue mats. I suggest making sure your standing desk is adjustable to switch between sitting and standing as needed.

With these points, you'll be better informed about the benefits of using standing desks and what to consider when transitioning from a traditional desk setup.

Remember, the key is balance and listening to what your body tells you. Transitioning slowly and incorporating both sitting and standing into your daily routine is likely the best approach for most people.

Reasons to Use a Standing Desk

Standing desks are increasingly popular in modern workplaces and home offices. They're not just trendy; there are several solid reasons why people are making the switch:

  1. Alleviate Physical Discomfort: Sitting for prolonged periods is often linked to various physical discomforts, including backaches, shoulder tension, and neck pain. Standing desks can help break the continuous sitting cycle, potentially reducing aches and pains.

  2. Metabolic Boost: Standing consumes more calories than sitting. While it's not a replacement for exercise, it slightly increases metabolic rates, potentially aiding in weight management.

  3. Flexibility: Many standing desks are height-adjustable, allowing the user to seamlessly switch between sitting and standing. This adaptability means you can change your position as needed throughout the day.

  4. Ergonomic Design: Properly set up standing desks promote an ergonomic working posture. This means your screen can be at eye level, and your arms can be at a right angle when typing, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal problems.

  5. Mental Alertness: Some users report feeling more awake and alert when using a standing desk, possibly because standing allows for better blood flow and increased oxygen to the brain.

  6. Productivity Boost: With increased alertness and energy, some individuals can focus better on their tasks, potentially leading to improved productivity.

  7. Reduced Risk of Chronic Diseases: Prolonged sitting has been linked to a host of health issues, from heart disease to type 2 diabetes. While standing desks aren't a cure-all, they can help reduce sedentary behavior, a risk factor for several chronic conditions.

  8. More Opportunities to Move: When you're already standing, it's more likely that you'll take short walking breaks or stretch. These micro-movements can benefit your health, keeping muscles engaged and promoting circulation.

  9. Space Efficiency: Some standing desk setups can better use vertical space, allowing for additional storage solutions underneath the work surface.

  10. Adaptable to Different Activities: Whether you're sketching, writing, or working on a computer, a standing desk can be adapted to a variety of tasks that might be more comfortably done while standing.

  11. Promotes Active Lifestyle: Embracing a standing desk can be a step towards adopting a more active lifestyle overall. It's a reminder to prioritize movement and flexibility in daily routines.

When considering a switch to a standing desk, it's crucial to understand these reasons and determine which ones align with your personal and professional needs.

As with any change, approaching the transition gradually is a good idea, allowing your body time to adjust.

Okay, now for the fun stuff!!

Here are the Top Rated Standing Desks!

BANTI Electric Standing Desk


  • Glass top design

  • Electric height adjustability

  • Multifunctional steel tray

  • Lockable casters

Why It's Great:

The BANTI Electric Standing Desk is a chic and modern option that combines style and utility. The glass top is not just elegant but also easy to clean.

Lockable casters provide added mobility, making this desk a versatile choice for any setting.

Price Point: Premium, reflecting its unique features like the glass top.

SANODESK Standing Desk


  • Electric height adjustment

  • Storage features tailored for work-from-home setups

Why It's Great:

The SANODESK is all about functionality, especially designed for remote work settings. With features like electric height adjustment and built-in storage, it offers a complete package for those who work from home.

Price Point: Mid-range, offering practical features at a reasonable price.

OLIXIS Electric Standing Desk


  • Electric height adjustability

  • Ergonomic design

  • Available in five shades

Why It's Great:

The OLIXIS Electric Standing Desk offers an affordable yet quality experience. With its ergonomic design and color options, this desk provides good value for those on a budget.

Price Point: Budget-friendly, priced under $130.

Flexispot Standing Desk


  • USB ports

  • Memory controller

  • Whole-piece desktop

Why It's Great:

This desk from Flexispot offers a simple yet functional design that minimizes wobble and maximizes workspace. Its added features, like USB ports and a memory controller, make it a convenient choice for those who value simplicity.

Price Point: Mid-range, balancing features and cost effectively.

RADLOVE Electric Standing Desk


  • Double-beam metal frame

  • Hooks for additional storage

Why It's Great:

The RADLOVE Electric Standing Desk is a durable, functional option that doesn't break the bank. The sturdy frame and additional hooks for hanging personal items make this a practical choice for any workspace.

Price Point: Budget-friendly, offering durability at an affordable cost.

VIVO Standing Desk


  • Available in 39 colors

Why It's Great:

The VIVO Standing Desk takes customization to the next level with an impressive array of color options. If you prioritize aesthetics alongside functionality, this desk is a perfect match.

Price Point: Mid-range, especially considering the range of customization options.

FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk


  • Comes in 5 different colors

  • Has 4 drawers, hooks, a tier for your computer, and a pull-out table for your keyboard and mouse

Why It's Great:

The FEZIBO standing desk is the Swiss Army knife of standing desks. With its tiered design and ample storage space, this desk is perfect for those who need organization as much as they need versatility. A special highlight is the pull-out table for your keyboard and mouse, ensuring that your workspace remains clutter-free.

Price Point: Mid-range, offering great value for the feature set.

Furmax Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk


  • Comes in 7 different color options

  • T-Shaped Metal Bracket for added stability

Why It's Great:

Last but certainly not least, the Furmax standing desk offers a blend of aesthetics and functionality. Its simple design is geared for those who appreciate minimalism but still want the perks of an adjustable, ergonomically-designed desk. The T-shaped metal bracket adds stability, reassuring you that your setup is secure.

Price Point: Budget-friendly without compromising on quality.


There you have it! The top rated standing desks and they can all be found on Amazon.

In the dynamic world of modern workspaces, standing desks have carved out a significant niche, marrying health benefits with functional design.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a remote worker, or someone who's redesigning their office, there's a standing desk out there tailored to your needs.

As we've explored the top rated standing desks today, it's evident that there's a blend of innovation, style, and ergonomics in the market.

Remember, investing in a quality standing desk is not just about following a trend but investing in your health, productivity, and comfort. Choose wisely, and here's to a more active and invigorating workday!

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