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Is a Kingsmith WalkingPad Worth It? An Honest Review

Looking for an honest Kingsmith WalkingPad review? I've got you covered!

Hang up that Zoom call and slide those spreadsheets over! It's time for a little distraction from the monotony of the work-from-home grind. Today, I'm unmasking my life's secret agent, my modernized treadmill - a walking pad! But not just any pad, the crème de la crème of walking pads - a Kingsmith WalkingPad! I don't rave about many products, but THIS one deserves the spotlight. Before jumping into why you should get this brand over others, let's dive into why investing in any walking pad is a good idea.

The Benefits of Walking

Have you ever had one of those days when you feel as energetic as a sloth after a nap? The secret antidote could be as simple as a good walk! Walking, even at a moderate pace, does more than just shake off the cobwebs - it's like sending your body a love letter. I know that sounds cheesy,

But hear me out!

  • For starters, it' boosts your cardiovascular health and reduces the risk of heart disease

  • It helps strengthens your legs

  • It helps maintain a healthy weight

  • Plus, the gentle, low-impact nature of walking makes it an excellent exercise for all ages and fitness levels

  • It's also a great way to regulate blood sugar levels. When we walk, our muscles eat up glucose from our blood for energy, which helps maintain balanced blood sugar levels. Regular walks, like those you'd be taking on the Kingsmith WalkingPad, can be crucial to improved blood sugar control.

Who knew taking steps could be such a step up for our health? Right!?

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Kingsmith WalkingPad Review?

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Why a Kingsmith WalkingPad is helps if you have Hypothyroidism

As a hypothyroidism girlie - the type of girlie I hope you never have to be - all of the benefits I listed are SO important! It might not seem like it because it isn't high intensity, but walking is so great for someone who suffers from an under active thyroid.

If you have hypothyroidism, symptoms like fatigue, muscle weakness, and joint pain can make high-intensity workouts, heavy weightlifting, and long-distance running potentially challenging and even risky. Crazy, right? In fact, such strenuous activities might exacerbate your symptoms or can strain your heart.

Generally, moderate or low-intensity exercises like walking, swimming, cycling, yoga, or even Pilates are more suitable for people with hypothyroidism.

Walking alone can improve energy levels, lift mood, maintain a healthy weight, and strengthen muscles without putting excessive strain on the body.

Are Walking Pads Worth It?

All of the benefits are great, right!? But is a walking pad worth the investment?

  • In my quest for this Holy Grail of work-from-home fitness, I wanted something less intimidating than a marathon-running machine yet effective enough to keep my endorphin levels bubbling. Walking pads are typically made to go only up to 4mph in speed. So these are great if you aren't looking to jog/run.

  • If you don't have a lot of space or storage, something slim that would take up as little space as possible is also key. The traditional bulky treadmill ain't gonna cut it. Most walking pads are much less bulky than the traditional treadmill. If fact, the Kingsmith WalkingPad is so slim you can slide it under your couch!

  • If noise level is a factor, a walkingpad may be right for you! Although not all, most walking pads are also quieter than the traditional treadmill.

Buying a walking pad online felt like playing a game of Russian Roulette with customer reviews. Even TOP RATED walking pads came with horror stories. So I dove into researching all brands.

When I say I did my research, oh boy, did I do research. I sifted through TikTiks and Reddit, read reviews on platforms like Amazon and blog posts, and made comparisons with other brands. You name it, I was researching because I wanted the best of the best!

With WalkingPad's glowing reviews lighting the way, I felt confident that this was the trusty steed to carry me on my journey to healthier, happier workdays. WalkingPad seemed to tick all the boxes more than all other brands. Plus, the possibility of walking off those sneaky snack calories while staying productive at work was too tempting to ignore!

Here is a close up of mine so you can see what it looks like when ready to use.

WalkingPad Review Full View

Who is the WalkingPad for?

The people who will benefit from a WalkingPad the most are those who work from home and don't have much time to exercise regularly.

Moreover, it can also be perfect for an office setting if you have an office where you can shut the door.

Is the WalkingPad Worth it?

Without a doubt, a resounding YES, a WalkingPad brand walking pad is worth it. The WalkingPad is a sleek, foldable treadmill - a James Bond of home gym equipment if you will. It snuck its way into my work-from-home life under the guise of "convenience" and "fitness."

Spoiler alert: It delivers on both fronts!

I'll confess, there were days when the commute from my bed to my desk felt like a cross-country trek. So the idea of adding "exercise" to the mix was as appealing as an unsolicited Zoom call. But then came the WalkingPad, charming me with its convenience, compact size, and 'exercise while you work' mantra. Who wouldn't want to burn off that sneaky snack stash while answering emails?

I honestly feel like I have MORE energy when I walk on the WalkingPad, even for 30 minutes, over sitting at my desk all day.

Let's go over more pros and cons of the WalkingPad!

Kingsmith WalkingPad Pros

  • Space-Saver: Unlike its gym-sized counterparts, this little guy folds neatly and slides away. No more stumbling over bulky exercise equipment in the middle of your living room. I actually tuck mine away behind my couch most days! I'll post a pic of mine folded up below so you can see how slim it is even when folded

  • Ease of Use: It comes with a remote AND an app. With the touch of a button or a swipe on the app, you can control the speed and track your stats. Tech-savvy or not, this feature is a total win!

  • Two Functional Modes: With the C2 Foldable Walking Treadmill, you get Manual and Automatic modes. You can use the remote or app to adjust speed and other features in manual mode. With Automatic, there is a smart foot sensing control! It will automatically activate whenever you put up your foot on the treadmill. The advanced sensors sense the user's foot and start running automatically.

  • Stylish Design: Who said exercise equipment can't be chic? The WalkingPad would look just as at home in a high-end office as it would in your cozy living room.

  • Data Monitoring: The app can monitor your data, like time spent, steps, speed, and calories burned. It will collect data each time you use it, so you can see your progress over time!

  • Integrated Fitness: The WalkingPad enables you to mix business with pleasure (or, rather, fitness). Respond to emails and catch up on calls while clocking in your daily steps! At first, I thought this would be really hard and was skeptical, but it is surprisingly easy to work and walk!! I started with a slower speed and, as I grew confident, amped it up!

  • Noise Level: These bad boys are fairly quiet. You might have to lower your speed if you are on a Zoom call, but still quiet enough to walk while in a meeting, in my opinion.

WalkingPad Review Folded Pic

Kingsmith WalkingPad Cons

  • Not for Intense Workouts: If you're into high-intensity workouts or training for a marathon, this might not be your best bet. It's a walking pad, after all, not a sprinting superstar.

  • Price Point: It's a little bit on the pricey side. But then again, can you really put a price tag on fitness and convenience wrapped in one sleek package? You pay for what you get, and honestly, it's a steal for the quality and what you get.

  • If you're walking without a desk to lean on, you just need to be more careful so you don't fall off lol.

Technical Specifications for a WalkingPad C2

  • Motor Type: Brushless Motor

  • Power Output: 735 W

  • Panel Craftsmanship: ABS Plastic

  • Display Feedback: Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Steps

  • Speed Range: 0.5 - 3.72 Mph / 6 Kmph

  • Unfold Dimensions (LxWxH): (56.88 x 20.39 x 4.91) Inches / (1445 x 518 x 125) mm

  • Folded Dimensions (LxWxH): (32.48 x 20.39 x 5.35) Inches / (825 x 518 x 136) mm

  • Connection Mode: WiFi + Bluetooth

  • User Capacity: 220 lbs / 100 Kg

  • Walking Area: 47.24 x 15.75 Inches / 1200 x 400 mm

  • Voltage: US Version: 110V | EU Version: 220V | JP Version: 110V | UK Version: 220V

  • Net Weight: 55 lbs / 25 Kg

  • Gross Weight: 61.73 lbs / 28 Kg

What's In The Box of a Kingsmith WalkingPad C2

  • Walking Pad - 1 Unit

  • Remote Control - 1 Unit

  • Power Cord - 1 Unit

  • Remote Control Lanyard / Strap - 1 Unit

  • Allan Wrench - 1 Unit

  • Product Instructions Manual - 1 Unit

Final Kingsmith WalkingPad Review Verdict

If you are a remote worker, it's worth it! It's such an easy way to get extra steps in and move your body!! Do you want one? If you buy from the WalkingPad website, you get free shipping, 14 days of price protection, and 30 Days of Return Policy. Plus, there is a promo they are running right now for over $100 off! Click below! Hurry to try to snag the $100 off!

So there you have it, folks! The WalkingPad has now been a part of my work-from-home life longer than some of my houseplants (RIP, leafy friends). If you want to make exercise as integral to your day as that mid-afternoon snack break, then WalkingPad might just be the way to go.


Just a quick note that this post is of my own ramblings and experiences. If you're considering inviting WalkingPad into your home, check in with a health professional to make sure it's the right move for you!

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